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Revised February 2016

Got too much stuff? Feel like the clutter is weighing you down? According to the current gurus of happiness, our consumerism has caused us to be overwhelmed with the resulting clutter. So we are “de-cluttering” in droves, but what to do with the “stuff." 

Fortunately, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario provides many options both for donations and selling. We will list the organizations alphabetically by name rather than by types of items, since what they take often overlaps with other organizations. This list also provides ideas as to where you can purchase used stuff. Why buy new when you can get almost new for a fraction of the cost? The objective of Clean North is to promote the 3 Rs and hopefully the list below can help with the first two — Reduce and Re-use.

Please note that this list is current as of February 2016, but since many organizations are run by volunteers, things do change.

Also look for pawnshops/second-hand stores in the Yellow Pages.

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Most items

The Animal Assistance Group (TAAG)

189 Elgin St.
705-575-7030 or 705-943-9093

Accept towels, blankets, any kind of cat paraphernalia (cat food, clumping litter, toys, etc.).

Canadian Diabetes Association

134 Northern Ave E

Will pick up from your home all cloth items, electronics and small household items; all donations are sold directly to Value Village


Various locations

Many have regular rummage sales


402 Fifth Line E

Tires, propane tanks

Household Hazardous Waste Depot(batteries, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, more)

Community Recycling Depot

285 Wilson St.

Accept all E-waste including phones, microwaves, TVs, printers, computers and styrofoam

Drug stores

Various locations

Accept unused medication and sharps

Habitat for Humanity Restore

32 White Oak Dr. E

Accept/sell building supplies, paint, working appliances, lamps, furniture — but ask before you leave it there; a great place to shop!

Humane Society

962 Second Line E.


Accept/sell blankets, bedding, towels, dog and cat toys (also online flea market )

Indian Friendship Centre

  • 268 Wellington St. W.705-575-1868
  • 122 East St.705-256-5634

Accept most things and give it away at their monthly “Free Day”

Just Junk


Picks up for a fee; willrecycle and donate everything possible

Kidney Foundation

253 Bruce St.


Donation boxes around city; will pick up from home


Will accept most books, magazines, VHS, DVDs and CDs; sell used books

Pauline's Place

923 Queen St. E.

Accept furniture, appliances, household items, clothing — in good condition




Will pick upcooking oil and recycle it into biofuel — large amounts only

“Share-Sheds” – Landfills

  • Echo Bay 705-248-2441
  • Jocelyn Township 705-246-2025
  • Richards Landing 705-246-2625
  • Tri-Neighbour Waste Management Site (Thessalon, Bruce Mines)

Drop off or pick up “good stuff”

Soup Kitchen

72 James St.

Accept most things including crafts, clothing, small appliances, bedding


345 Great Northern Rd.

Accept ink cartridges, toner, printers, TVs

Triple M Metals

131 Yates Ave.

Accept/buy all scrap metals

Value Village

248 Northern Ave E.

Accept/sell most smaller items; some proceeds to Kidney Foundation and Diabetes Association

Vincent Place

222 Albert St. E

Accept/sell small appliances (working), small furniture, household items, books, clothing and accessories

Women in Crisis

23 Oakland Ave

Accept clothing, bedding and toys; call before going


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