Clean North products

Clean North promotes a variety of environmentally responsible products through special events, including:

  • rainbarrels for collecting rainwater, which reduces your water bill, cuts the load on the city water system, and is better for your garden
  • bathouses, habitat for creatures that love to eat mosquitoes
  • laundry kits (see photo), so you can wash your clothes using natural cleaning chemistry
  • coconut coir blocks, a sustainable alternative to peat moss
  • worm composting kits, for  composting indoors using one of nature’s most effective recyclers
  • tree seedlings, for new forests to capture carbon, clean the air, provide wildlife habitat, and otherwise improve our landscape


Interested in any of these products? Contact us at, (705)945-1573.

Like to build or plant stuff? Help us make new rainbarrels/bathouses and plant trees! Contact us at

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