Weeds got ya’ down? Clean North Christmas tree mulch to the rescue!

Abbondanza! This delightful Italian word describes perfectly the bounty of water Sault area gardens have enjoyed this season. The up side of this plenitude of precipitation is many plants have been growing like weeds. The down side? Many weeds have been growing like weeds!

The good news is…mulch is a wonderful natural weed barrier. And this Saturday, August 26 is our 11th annual Green Side Up Event, featuring our awesome Christmas tree mulch as well as tree seedlings, rain barrels, coir blocks, and bat houses! We’ll be at Lemieux Composting at 764 Black Road from 9 am to noon. Bring a large bin, and we will help you fill it with mulch. Mulch is free by donation, and our other products are reasonably priced and will help you make our world a greener place, one yard at a time.

In addition to suppressing weeds, mulch can help retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, and keep your garden looking tidy. When applying mulch, make sure it doesn’t touch the stems of plants.

Got questions? Contact us at 705-945-1573 or info@cleannorth.org.


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