Hot, dry conditions got your garden down? Check out Clean North’s Green Side Up event for awesome solutions!


Mark Saturday, August 27, 2015 on your calendar! That's the date of this year's Clean North Green Side Up event at Lemieux Composting at 764 Black Road in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This event will run from 9 am to noon. 

It's hot and dry out there, so it's a great time to pick up some mulch, a rain barrel, or coir blocks…all three are handy for hot, dry conditions. Mulch helps keep moisture in your soil. A rain barrel will help keep your water bill down, plus rain water is better for plants (no treatment chemicals and ambient temperature). Coir fibre is a by-product of coconut harvesting and a sustainable alternative to peat moss. It's excellent at holding water…very helpful during dry spells! 

Bat houses are another terrific Clean North product. They give bats an alternative to your attic, garage, shed, or other building, reducing the chance of human to bat contact while encouraging creatures that eat thousands of mosquitoes. The little brown bat, for example, can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes per hour! 

We will also have tree seedlings available for sale. Trees create shade, lowering cooling costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Please share this information with your family and friends in the Sault and area! 

Want to know more? Call (705)945-1573 or email

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