We want to worm our way into gardeners’ hearts on Seedy Saturday!

Clean North is bringing our worm composter back to Seedy Saturday for another public "sort the worms from the dirt" hands-on activity.  This should result in a harvest of several pounds of red-wiggler worms, some of which will be available for public distribution.

We have a limited number of worm composting kits available for sale (@ $75).  Each kit includes an aerated container with a supply of bedding, a wheeled base with drip tray, and a hand fork.  The special offer at Seedy Saturday will be that every kit sold will include a free 1/2 pound of worms (while supplies last). Excess worms will be available on a first-come basis at a price of $50 per pound. 

The live worm distribution will occur at ~2 PM on Saturday March 2 at the Seedy Saturday event. 

To reserve your worm composting kit and/or worms in advance, please contact Clean North (705)945-1573 or info@cleannorth.org.

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